Skinny Secret Breath Spray


Sugar blocking breath spray uses the Taste Disruption Formula to block sugar taste, reduces cravings, and help you cut sugar from your diet without missing it!

  • Instantly reduces sweet cravings allowing you to break the craving cycle
  • Taste disruption formula blocks sweet taste immediately and temporarily (15-60 minutes) making sweet food undesirable
  • Tastes great! Like a minty breath spray it will leave your breath fresh
  • Looks like a breath spray so no one will know the difference
  • Uses all natural herbal ingredients
  • Easy to use: (1) Spray in mouth (2) Swish around for 15 seconds (3) That’s it, it’s already working!

You don’t have to rely on willpower alone!

Skinny Secret is a tool to help you stick to your eating goals at the most difficult moments. It’s hard to make good choices when your body constantly demands more sweets and when it seems there’s always junk food in front of you. Skinny Secret helps quiet those cravings so you can make your own decisions again.

Skinny Secret uses all natural ingredients in the Taste Disruption Formula to create a great tasting breath spray that blocks sugar:

Active ingredient: gymnema, chlorophyll
Other Ingredients: vegetable glycerin, water, xylitol, monkfruit, gymnema, chlorophyll, xanthan gum, stevia, Realsalt, grapefruit seed extract, natural flavors (peppermint eo)


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