Stop Unhealthy Eating Where it Starts - The Tongue!

What is Skinny Secret?

Skinny Secret is a mouth spray that instantly reduces cravings and blocks the taste of sweet using our unique Taste Disruption Formula.

But why is that important?

Well, a decision to change your eating habits doesn’t just make it happen.

You have to keep making the decision to eat healthy every time you go to a party… when a co-worker brings in cookies they just made… when you pass the fast food billboard… when your friends come over and on and on it goes… 

Skinny Secret was made to help you make those constant decisions with less stress and more confidence.

Even if you do take a bite your brain won’t be dragged into a craving cycle because the sweet taste is blocked and the brains rewards center isn’t activated.

Our customers can even take a bite of a brownie, spray Skinny Secret, and walk away from the rest!

How Does Skinny Secret Work?

Have you ever wondered why you get cravings for food and end up eating more than you wanted? And why that food is often unhealthy?

Well it all starts with the taste buds.

When you eat, your taste buds send a signal to the brain immediately. If it’s sweet then your brain tells your body to eat more. The problem here is that it takes a while for your stomach to tell your brain that it’s full.

We call this The Craving Cycle, the communication between taste buds, brain, and stomach.

Most diets focus on the second step of the cycle – the brain – like a battle of willpower against your bodies cravings. 

But Skinny Secret starts with the taste buds and stops the signal from being sent to the brain in the first place.

So you don’t end up needing to fight with willpower nearly as hard and it gives your stomach the time it needs to send the “I’m full” signal.


Who Are We?

Hi, I’m Eleni Wilding, a Wellness Counselor, Nutrition Coach and Co-Founder of Skinny Secret. Since 2004 my clients have included everything from professional athletes and doctors, to cute grandmas with “jelly-­belly”.

In 2012 I began to notice a trend.  People who wanted to lose weight could last about 4 weeks consistently eating a healthy plan. THEN a family birthday would come along, or a vacation, anniversary, or the start of the holiday season.  They’d justify eating “just one piece”, promising themselves they’d go right back to their healthy eating program. Instead, their brain kicked into high gear hijacking their goal while constantly nagging them to “Eat More Sugar” since the day is blown anyway. 

I wondered, “what if I could give someone a 30 minute brain reset and stop an impending sugar binge?” So I approached Tatia, who was a colleague, friend and most importantly a Master Herbalist.

I’m Tatia Nelson a Holistic Practitioner, Natural Medicines Researcher and Co-Founder of Skinny Secret.

When Eleni approached me with her idea of formulating a product that would stop a sugar binge I was excited to get right to work.  It actually took us 7 years of research and development to actually create Skinny Secret — mainly because we wanted Skinny Secret to taste good, as well as be effective.

On the retail floor it was eye opening to both of us as we’d watch people scanning the weight loss section hoping to find a miracle product.  They’d ask, “is there anything to help you stop eating sugar?” For many, many years the answer was, “no”, until now.

What do our customers say?

I have a lot of cravings, especially for sugar and I typically overeat. Skinny Secret helps me when I'm NOT hungry but having cravings.
Carrie M
I love having something helps me with my sugar addiction, in fact if you used Skinny Secret a couple times a day you’d train yourself to actually hate sweets!
Ann P
Spray it when you’re about to stuff your face with sugars you’ll regret later. After swishing the liquid around your mouth, the treat you were about to have tastes like nothing!
Alma B
Skinny Secret helped me to begin tackling my addiction to sugar. It stopped the cravings long enough I could make a better choice! A must-have product in my journey to becoming a healthier happier me!
Chantelle T

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